Wailly Lai

Educated as an advertising creative from school in Canada, Wailly Lai started his career path as an account executive - the business side of the trade. He has been moving toward creative side during the Dot-com bubble era, learned first generation web graphic design creative through both professional and job-on-hand training, then later on interactive multimedia (merging them with frontend web and UI design), as well as print media design.

While all this time photography has always been part of his life since the analogue imaging days. The skill is a great asset to compliment on all his design work in much later days to come across the board, whether it is for web design, for interactive media, and for print design. He got his first taste of digital imaging layout skills via Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for his graduate school project. Again, there’s no turning back.

Currently based in Hong Kong, Wailly is into commercial photography work - consumer product, gift and premium, fashion garment and accessories and food photography. He is a professional commercial retoucher. He is expanding his portfolio into fashion and portrait photography.

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